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International Policies

The following are our policies for international customers (outside the United States).

International Order Policies:

  • Order Minimum:  $350.00 - Orders must also meet any manufactuer minimums (just start shopping, our website will help you).
  • Order Processing Time:  2-3 weeks + shipping time - After you place your order we will special order your merchandise from the manufacturer and consolidate it in our warehouse. 
  • Payment Terms:   All order must be prepaid before being submitted to manufacturers.
  • Payment Methods:   We accept credit cards and bank wire payments.   We require bank wire payment for orders over $2500.  For orders under $1000, there is a $25.00 fee for bank wire payment. 
  • Shipping Methods:  We offer FREE FREIGHT CONSOLIDATION in our warehouse.  You simply pay the shipping from the manufacturer to our U.S. warehouse and we'll consolidate all of your items.   We typically ship your international order via Fedex or DHL Express.   Our extremely discounted international shipping rates will be applied to your orders.   International shipping rates apply on all orders shipped outside the US.   International shipping directly from the manufacturer is not available.
  • Backordered Items:   Any items that are not available from the manufacturer will be cancelled and removed from your order.   We advertise the entire product catalogs of our manufacturers on our website.  Please expect that some items will be unavailable.   Real time inventory data is available for all Rockline Quick Ship items to help you make informed purchasing decisions.  Simply ask our customer support team for an inventory file.


Benefits to International Customers:

  • Save $100's in Shipping Costs - Order merchandise from multiple U.S. manufacturers through our website.  We will special order all your merchandise from different manufacturers and gather it in our U.S. warehouse.    We will then create a single export shipment to your company.  This saves our clients $100's in international shipping costs compared to paying international shipping from multiple U.S. manufacturers.  We do all of this for FREE.  You simply pay applicable shipping costs.  Essentially, this means that we offer FREE FREIGHT CONSOLIDATION for any items purchased from us.
  • Buy at Factory Direct Prices -  For 1000s of the items we sell, we sell them to you at the same cost as buying directly from the manufacturer.   You don't pay any more than buying directly from the manufacturer for most items!
  • Awesome Customer Service - Unlike the large manufacturers, we'll always answer your questions and help you with orders, import issues and more!
  • Guaranteed Licensed Merchandise - All merchandise comes to us directly from licensed manufacturers with "chain of custody" paperwork on every item we sell to protecy you from trademark infringment lawsuits or other legal issues.
  • Experts in International Export - We ship outside the United States almost every day!   We have shipped freight to the South Korea, Czech Republic,  Sweden, France, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Portugal, Canada and Spain in the past few months.